Todd: Thank you for doing business as promised. Your turn around was one day just like you said. This made all the difference to my schedule. And the guage cluster rebuild was perfect. I had multiple problems and everything functions great now. On time...expert work...better than fair pricing. Few places in the automotive business offer this anymore. And you do for sure. Thanks again.

Neil Costello

I wanted to thank GM Gauge Repair for the great professional service I received from them. I called with a question before I shipped my gauges and was called back by Todd Haines almost immediately. Everything was done as quickly as promised and my gauges work great and the front plastic looks brand new. I would recommend GM Gauge Repair to anyone who has problems with their gauges. Great job guys and thanks again.

Gary Russell
Maryland USA

Thanks for the excellent job you did on my cluster. Turnaround time was fast, if only I had known about your site earlier. I had my 03 Sierra fixed at the dealer, it cost me close


Just wanted to say thank you for a great job. The instrument cluster is working better than ever. Your turn around time was exactly as advertised. According to UPS & FedEx you received it at around 9:30 am and had it ready for pickup by noon. I appreciate the quality service.

C. Frye
Taylorville, IL


I received my 2005 Avalanche instrument cluster back on Thursday after sending it to you on Monday. Thanks for the extremely fast turnaround! The blue LED’s look great and it is VERY nice to have a working speedometer again!
Again, Thanks for the fine work. I will recommend you to my friends.

S. Mossberg

Thank you.
It was a pleasure to return to the dealer and to remind their service manager (She knew about you.) of their quote to replace my cluster for $464. I repeated that you told me of the problem of the VIN not matching the computer. Since the mileage is stored in the cluster, there is no problem there either.
I had called for an appointment (between 11:00 & 12); arrived at 11:06. You took it out, rebuilt (removed all little motors and bulbs, discarded and replaced with new ones, soldered all joints, and cleaned), and installed it. I found myself in the Onalaska Menard's at 11:57 ( through town - miles away )
I also went to my parts store and gave your business cards. He copied my receipt.

Robert J.
2003 Silverado 1500

I would like to thank you for the work on my instrument cluster. It works and looks great with the upgrades. Your turn around time is excellent and you really do back up your work. I chose red for the back round lighting the first time which turned out to be a bit much for the color combinations that already existed. I discussed the issue with you and with the change to blue it really does look great. Thanks again.

Randy Stybe

I want to take a moment to thank you for the job you did on my Buick cluster. I couldn't believe the FAAAST turnaround time. Awesome. The quality of the rebuild is most likely better than new. The pricing was competitive. I just wish everyone I do business with was as all around good as you.
Mark Kinter
Technical Consultant

Mark Kinter
2004 Buick LeSabre

Perfect Service! Had a defective dash cluster in a 05 Escalade. Sent it Wednesday, they received it Friday morning, fixed it and sent it back same day. Received it Sat and it worked perfect. Thanks for your excellent service and great price!

Gabe Wanck

You rebuilt my cluster and everything works great and the gauges are dead on. Thanks for the quick turnaround! I will be a repeat customer and I will be referring others to your service. Thank you very much!!

Robert D
2003 GMC Sierra

I own Midland Automotive and you repair GM dashes for us. I wanted to thank you. Every dash you have repaired is doing great. Your services are perfect for us and even our customers appreciate you. So thank you for excellent work!

Midland Automotive

I just wanted to say thank you for the fast turn around and the work that you did. I put the cluster back in and everything works great. I have several friends who are experiencing the same thing in their vehicles. I have given them your information and hopefully they will be contacting you. Should I come across any more that are needing this type of work done, I'll send them your way. Thanks again.

John Hodge

I just wanted to pass along a huge THANK YOU! Great service and the cluster works perfect. You made the process so easy, I'm considering sending it back for the blue LEDs. You definitely got my business for any future repairs. Thanks again!!

Brandon George
2003 Chevy Trailblazer

Hey Todd;
Just a BIG thank-you for your quick and smooth repair on my 2003 GMC on friday, my gauges look,, I think better than new, really!
So thanks again,

Gary Jans
2003 GMC Sierra

Just installed the repaired/upgraded instrument cluster. Works great and looks terrific. You did everything you said you would, when you said you would for the price you said you would. In my book, this is the definition of quality. Thanks to you and your team. I would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.

John Fitzgerald
2004 GMC Sierra Denali

You are a stand up businessman. Everything was as you said it would be and the repaired cluster works like a charm. The wife is so happy to be able to see how fast I'm going now…not so happy about that one. Again thanks for your services!

Edward Marra

It's hard to rate what I was more impressed with. As advertised one day turn around, PERFECT rebuild, all at a reasonable cost saving me about $500 compared to the dealer. Thank you so much.

Jim S. Greendale WI. 2003 GMC Envoy

Thanks for the fast service. Gauges are back to normal and I love the blue LED back lighting.

Gregg Tarara - IL - 2003 GMC Sierra HD

"Thanks a million". Your service was way faster than I expected. Thanks for returning all of my phone calls and emails. Appreciate the help after I got my cluster back too. Soooo nice to have my gauges again! And at the best price i could find anywhere!

John Green - Illinois

Todd just want to let you know that I received my gauges back and they are now working correctly, very impressed with the turn around service, I will definetly recommend you to anyone having problems with their gauges... Great Job!

Cesar Perez - Alabama

I sent you a gauge cluster in Monday's UPS and received it back Wednesday! Unheard of! Very impressive! Oh yeah, by the way, it worked! Thank you so much.

Tony T.
Wisconsin, 2005 Silverado

Thank you for a great job and amazing service on repairing my GM cluster. The LED'S look awesome and the turn around was amazing, (four working days and 500 plus miles each way) that's pretty hard to beat. Thank you, Richard

Richard Owens

Forget Jimmy Johns.......... YOU are the provider of service "so fast you'll freak". Great product, great price, amazing service.

Glenn G

Just wanted to say thanks for a job well done - I appreciate the quick turnaround and the gauges work great. I have lots of friends with GM trucks and will be recommending you to them when their gauges go bad - thanks

Jeff Pack - 2003 Sierra 2500 HD

Thank you for the service. I shipped it out Tuesday morning and by Thursday at 4pm it was back in and working great. Will recommend you to anyone. I am going to post your card on the board at work. Excellent service at a fair price. Thanks again.

Travis T.
2003 GMC Sierra

Thank you so much for repairing my cluster and the super fast turnaround.

I wish excellent service like that occurred more often!


You Guys Rock!! I took my instrument cluster out on Sunday afternoon, it was shipped to you on Monday. It is now Wednesday evening , the cluster is back in my truck and works like new!!! All instruments are working again as well as the PRNDL light is bright as day one.All at a VERY reasonable price. I would HIGHLY recommend your services to anyone. Absolutely stellar performance. Keep up the good work.


Rick B.
Brookfield, WI

15 minutes to install LED's on my chevy colorado gauges is crazy! The blue really pops out at night. Going to bring my all my friends there and gets LED's installed on all their instrument clusters!


I reinstalled it and everything works fine. I appreciate you attention to detail and the speed of the turn around time. I am glad to have several of your business cards. I am going to give them to my local auto repair shop with a good recommendation.


Great service, Todd Haines! I really appreciate the speedy turnaround in addition to saving big bucks!


Thanks for saving me hundreds of dollars and hours of my valuable time in a GM dealer garage. The gauges work perfect and I appreciate your help.


This is Jimmy Battle and I thank you again. I plugged my cluster up and its working like brand new, you saved me a whole lot of money. Dealership was saying like 600 to fix it.

Jimmy Battle

We got our gauge cluster back today - it works perfect! Thanks again for the wonderful service and quick turnaround. Your service saved us over $600 (the dealership wanted $800 to fix). We will keep your info handy for reference for others. Again, thank you for a quality job at an affordable price.

Very satisfied customer,
Jeff Jackson.
North Carolina

Jeff Jackson
North Carolina

Got the instrument cluster back and installed it right away. I drove the car and it works perfectly! The $110.00 it costs sure beats the $700 or $800 that GM wanted to repair the cluster. Thanks for the fast turn around.

David Foltz
Northfield, Ohio

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know your fix was perfect. After a couple hundred miles the dash is still perfect. I sure appreciate your help and the lightning fast turnaround. Thanks a million!

'04 yukon xl 2500

Received the cluster back today, Todd, and it works perfectly!!! Saved a ton over our local dealers estimate. Thanks, buddy, a truly great service!!!

F. Marshall
Duluth, Mn

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks as everything works perfectly.
Will definitely tell others about you.
Thanks again.

Jim Rollins

The cluster you fixed works like it did when it was new. Thanks also for the quick turn around. Don't get much of that anymore!

Chevy Silverado

Thanks for the quick repair on the Silverado instrument cluster, I just got it and plugged it in.... looks good so far! Thanks again, I will refer you guys in the future.


I just wanted to commend you on a job well done. Process handled, timely, professionally and courteously. The unit looks and works great. I would not hesitate recommending you for Buick odometer or gear display repair.

Bill L, New York
Make/Model: Buick/Century

I got my gauges installed this week and they look great. I love the custom aqua gauges, it really adds to my truck. I was very happy with your work and if I hear of anybody who has a problem with their gauges I will be sure to recommend you. Thanks again!

Scott Seim

Thanks for a job well done. Your turnaround on the rebuild was extremely
fast, and your personal attention with all communication was greatly
appreciated. The gauges are working perfectly, and the blue LED gauges
look really nice. I will definately recommend you to anybody who needs this
service in the futere.
Thanks! -Ben


A big thank you for quick service and great savings. I was quoted $450.00 from two sources.

Presque Isle, MI

Hello Todd:
I received my instrument panel about an hour ago. I finished my ongoing chores and took the ten minutes time to re-install it, and it works perfectly!

Thanks again for your prompt and reasonably priced service!

Rick Atterberg

Got it today. My son was so excited. The custom gauges look great and everything seems to be working great. Thanks so much!

God Bless!
Sherry Dial


Repaired cluster installed. Works Great!
Your delivery and service were great!
Sheldon Lefkowitz


I just recently got my gauge cluster fully repaired by you guys. I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome job you guys did. I'm so very pleased with your work and the courtesy you all showed. I will definitely be recommending you guys. You all rock.
Sincerely, Steffen


Amazing all my gauges work . It has been a long time for me to get around to doing something about it. Thanks and you did everything you said in a fast and convenient way.
Thanks again,

Lloyd Ek

Your service was everthing you advertise. The rebuild and return shipping was done the sameday you received the instrument cluster. I installed it in 20 minutes and it works perfectly. I think i saved about $500 by not going to the dealer.
Wayne Kilburn
St. Augustine, FL


You did a great job on my Trailblazer gauge repair. I got it back repaired only 2 days after I shipped it. Now thatís service that canít be beat. I just installed it and it works perfectly again. I couldnít be happier with your service and Iíve told everyone I know about you guys!

Rich Butler

Can't thank you enough for the complete rebuild you did last week on my 05 Montana cluster. Before, most of the lights didn't work and the ones that did were very dim. I was a bit nervous about shipping it out, but you did what you said you would. Perfect fix and had it back in 5 days! Awesome!


Just wanted to say thanks for the fast service, sent out Tuesday & received back Thursday! And it works great!

Make/Model: 05 Yukon xl

Ken Meier

Mr. Haines just received my gauge cluster in the mail, installed it, works perfect and looks brand new. Thanks for the great repair and fast service.

Make/Model: 2005 tahoe

Steve P, R.P.B. FL.

Thank you so much for saving me money. Everything works great. Your shop does nice work. Thanks Again.

Maggie Hansen


The box arrived as you told me it would. I had it re-installed in 20 minutes and its working perfectly.
Thanks for all your help. I will certainly pass your card along to friends with the same problems.

James Plummer Sr.

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my instrument cluster for my Tahoe. The turn around time was great. I pulled the cluster on Monday morning and shipped it to you at 10:30 AM. I got it back at 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Fifteen minutes later it was in the vehicle and back on the road. It works perfectly. As a retired Chevy mechanic, I could have done it much faster oc cost efficiently by myself. You will be the first that I recommend should I find anyone with the same problem. Thanks again.

Denny McCarthy