If your 2003-2006 GM vehicle displays any of the following  instrument cluster problems:

  • Faulty gauges or erratic speedometer
  • Total power loss or intermittent power
  • Intermittent gauges
  • Sticking gauges
  • Dim or dead back lighting
  • Parasitic draw (causing battery drain)
  • Display changes languages

We use the only updated stepper motors approved by General Motors, which we guarantee. Beware of clones, see pictures below:

  • Your mileage will NOT change
  • No reprogramming necessary – plug and play!
  • Your vehicle will run and drive fine without the gauge panel installed.

Service Procedure:

  • Pretest
  • Remove faulty parts
  • Replace ALL stepper motors
  • Replace ALL dead back lighting
  • Rework Solder joints
  • Update power supply
  • Calibration
  • Assembly
  • Final Test
  • Cleaning