Stainless Edition

Custom Stainless Steel edition overlays come with matching blue needles. LEDs can also be added.

Add the chrome Escalade Lens cover for a custom look for an additional $85.00

Custom Escalade Upgrade Kits

Our Escalade gauge kits for 2003 through 2005 GM Trucks and SUV’s include 3 pieces: A black or white printed overlay, choice of blue or white needles and a chrome lens cover. Gas engines only, no diesel engines. 2003–2005. No 2006 models available.


Escalade Gauge Faces/ Overlays

Our Escalade Overlays available in white or black. 2003-2006, gasoline version only.


Lens Covers / OEM and Custom Direct Replacements

Replacement GM OEM Lens covers available for many makes and models.

Custom Gauge Pointer Needles

Direct replacement for OEM GM needles. Easy installation. Improved contrast. Why not enjoy an easy upgrade you see every time you drive your vehicle? Needles available with satin hub or black hub. Both hub styles available with red, white, blue or green pointer options.



Gauge Faces / Overlays

Overlays in black or white for 6 or 7 gauge GM speedometers. Available for 2003 through 2006 GM Trucks and SUV’s. Gas engines only, no diesel engines. These are what you need to add a trans temp gauge.