How it Works
1. You send us your broken cluster.
2. We repair your cluster.
3. We send your repaired cluster back to you.
1. You send us your broken cluster.
2. We repair your cluster.
3. We send your repaired cluster back to you.

Why GM Gauge Repair

The fastest service! We rebuild your GM instrument cluster the same day we receive it and it is then shipped out the same day. We receive our shipments from FedEx, UPS, and USPS in the morning, do the rebuild, and have it shipped out the same day.
We repair clusters others cannot- Other shops suggest having your vehicles wiring checked by a mechanic if your GM gauges or instrument cluster loses total power. Please do not waste your time and money doing this! It is not in the vehicle wiring! We can repair most clusters with total power loss. If your instrument cluster has several stickers on the back cover like the ones pictured below, chances are we can repair it. Numerous stickers on the back indicate several repair attempts. We can repair what others cannot. We get clusters like this daily!
Experience- other shops only replace stepper motors (some not GM approved) and back lighting bulbs. Buying a “kit” online and repairing a cluster does not make someone a reputable electronic technician able to troubleshoot and repair circuit boards! We have repaired thousands of GM gauge clusters for individuals, repair shops, dealerships, and salvage yards throughout the United States and Canada.

Please note: There is a small percentage of clusters that cannot be repaired or rebuilt for various reasons, and we will suggest purchasing a remanufactured cluster. Please call us and we can lead you in the right direction.

A remanufactured cluster ordered by a GM dealership or elsewhere only comes with a one year warranty. It is always best to have your original cluster rebuilt to avoid reprogramming of the VIN Number and Mileage which is stored in the instrument cluster.