How it Works
1. You send us your broken cluster.
2. We repair your cluster.
3. We send your repaired cluster back to you.
1. You send us your broken cluster.
2. We repair your cluster.
3. We send your repaired cluster back to you.


Gm Gauge Repair
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My experience with GM Gauge Repair was outstanding. My instrument cluster was rebuilt. Everything works great. I now have lights to show my gauges. I can even now see my shifter position. Turnaround was very fast, and communication was great. I would highly recommend them!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the great review Bruce and thanks for choosing us for your instrument cluster repair needs.
I live in South Carolina, and heard about GM-G repair. I send my chevy pickup gauge to them, they received on Monday, and I received it back on a Thursday same week. Install it back in my truck and [ hallelujah ] it's was working like it was new. These guys are for real. Great works.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Henry. Your business is much appreciated.
The cluster works perfect now and I am extremely satisfied with the repair and will definitely recommend to others for your service. Keep up the good work!
Response from the owner: Thanks Antonio. We appreciate you choosing GM Gauge Repair.
So Happy I came across this business. Super-fast turnaround and great craftsmanship. I got my cluster back and was very dismayed that it still did not work. I sent an email explaining the issues I was having. Todd was fast to respond, he explained that they do a calibration and bench test on every cluster before it gets shipped out. He gave me a couple things to check on my end to make sure it wasn't the vehicle. And if it still didn't work, get it back to him and they would fix it. Happy to report that it was in fact some corrosion on my IPC-DIC fuse. Cluster works flawlessly. Overall great experience. I will not hesitate to send another cluster in to be rebuilt if needed. If you have a dead cluster or need cluster repair, these are your guys! Great experience!
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review we really appreciate it. Thanks also for your business.
Very pleased with the service and communication that I received with Todd repairing my instrument cluster for my 2004 GMC 1500. Works like brand new again.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review AJ and thanks for choosing us for your instrument cluster repair needs.
The best, I wish every business was as good as these guys!
Response from the owner: Thanks Dustin, we appreciate it.
I sent my 2006 Yukon gauge cluster to them for a refresh mainly on dimming lights etc. The company is excellent! The customer services are unmatched! The response was quick, and the work was spot on I would strongly urge you to use these guys if you have the need for gauge repair
Response from the owner: We do what we can. Thanks for the review and for choosing us. We appreciate it.
Quick return. Everything worked as expected.
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review Brian.
I shipped off my instrument cluster standard UPS on Monday and received my repaired instrument cluster on Saturday. I had the gauges fixed, added a transmission temp gauge, and replaced the back lighting with LEDs. It turned out great! Everything works and the new lighting is awesome! Great job with a quick turnaround!
Response from the owner: Thanks for leaving such a great review Travis, we appreciate it and thank you for your business. appreciate it
Speed, Quality, Price and communication all excellent👍👍
Response from the owner: Thanks Nathaniel. We appreciate you taking time to leave a review. Thanks for choosing us.
Sent Todd my cluster. Fixed it super fast and he sent it back ASAP. I'm very impressed. Works like it did when the cluster was brand new. He will be getting any future gauge repairs of mine.
Response from the owner: Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review Joe. We appreciate you choosing GM Gauge Repair.
Super friendly and fast fast fast. Above all superior quality work. I'm mad at myself for how long I have lived with malfunctioning guages.
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review Andy and we appreciate your business.
Great service and great products. Friendly service and very knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend Todd to anyone looking to improve there dash cluster. I’ll definitely be back if I need anything in future.
Response from the owner: Hi Charles. Thanks for your kind words. I was happy to help and thanks much for your business.
04 GMC Sierra cluster with parasitic drain (about 200mA)...we sent it out to GM Gauge Repair. Sent it out on Thurs 1-18, they received it Mon 1-22. They repaired the cluster, boxed it up, and UPS'd back to me the same day! Received it today, 1-26. So, only 8 days total down time! Cluster works perfectly, no drain. I also ordered the LED lighting upgrade, which was totally worth it, looks great! Cluster looks better than new.These guys are legit...highly recommend and would have absolutely no issues using them again! Thanks, Todd! You guys are awesome!
Response from the owner: We do what we promise on our website. Thanks for your business and we appreciate you taking time to leave a review.
When Florida can't provide the service, we ship it out to Wisconsin at GM Gauge Repair, back before you know it and certainly long before Florida shops even open the box. Job Well Done and Happy to share it with my auto club and GM truck enthusiasts.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Dave and we appreciate your trust in us. Thank you also for the referrals.
Called Todd because it appeared my cluster had been previously opened, he was very straightforward in letting me know as long as whoever had it open before didn’t do a bad DIY job he could fix it. Got it back fast & in perfect working order! Highly recommended!!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review Jason and thanks for your trust in us. We appreciate the business.
I bought the service and shipped out on 12/22 didn’t expect to see my gauges back til after new years. I received my package on 12/27. Was blown away on turn around time and couldn’t be happier. Gauges work, happy customer and I have been bragging about this non stop since my dealings with GM Gauge Repair.. Thanks!
Response from the owner: Hi Marcus. Thanks for choosing us for your instrument repair needs and thank you for your business and also any referrals.
Fast. Reasonable price. 2003 Silverado instrument cluster works great.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review David, we appreciate it.
They repaired my 2005 Silverado gauge cluster perfectly, very fast turnaround, and the unit looks like new. Excellent.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the kind words Jeff and thanks for your business.
My instrument cluster rebuild was performed very quickly and everything works perfectly! The instructions about packing, shipping and payment were easy to understand and the whole process was very smooth. I am very excited that my 2005 Silverado will now pass inspection!
Response from the owner: Hi David. We're glad things went smoothly for you. Thanks you for choosing us and also for the review.
Shipped it out during holidays and still got it back in a timely manner. Dash was intermittent and now working perfectly with some functions that haven't worked in a long time. Would definitely use again!
Response from the owner: Thanks a bunch for the review Chris. We appreciate your business and taking the time to leave a review also.
Faster than expected, great service, great instructions, better and brighter than when I purchased my used truck 200k miles ago!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the 5 star review Travis and thanks for choosing us for your instrument panel repair needs. We appreciate it.
Place did a great job, super fast turn around time. Works like a new one. I would highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Thanks for your your business and also the kind review.
this is our third cluster done by these guys. Great work, very fast and reasonably priced. Thanks you guys are the best
Response from the owner: Thank you Edward. We appreciate the return business.
Response from the owner: Thanks John!
Would highly recommend this service to anyone in need of an instrument cluster repair. Timeline and pricing were very reasonable and my instrument cluster is working like new again. 10/10
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review David and thanks for choosing us for your instrument cluster repair.
5 Stars without a doubt. I'm sure you are reading these reviews doing your homework. Well good news you only have to read about ten of his five star reviews and know that you will not regret doing business with this company. If you need any of the services this repair company offers I think you'll be satisfied. I just ignored the negative reviews. I don't know what they are talking about. I had to email him after I got my gauges back because the oil pressure gauge was inaccurate. But he was able to explain to me I need a new oil pressure switch on the vehicle. He didn't ignore me and he got back to me in a timely manner. By the way my total turn around time was 6 days. He shipped it back to me the same day he got it. I would highly recommend this business and I will use them in the future if I need anything.
Response from the owner: Thanks much for the review Rich. It was a pleasure working with you and getting your instrument panel back to better than new. Your kind words and your business is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
On my 2008 Suzuki XL7 my instrument cluster had been acting irrational.My speedometer and fuel gauge had been giving me trouble for the past five years. I've been searching for a credible shop to repair my cluster. I read some good and bad reviews from other shops. Decided to go with GM gauge repair. I shipped to Todd from Pa. over one thousand miles one way. Shipped Wed he received Friday, repaired and shipped back same day, as he stated on his website. I received it on Wednesday. I installed it in my car and it works great. I'm an very very satisfied. It was a very timely turnaround. I would highly recommend Todd at GM Gauge Repair also because of the website easily navigated.Sincerely,Jim
Response from the owner: Thanks James. We do what we promise on the website. No smoke and mirrors here. Thanks for your repeat business.
My Hummer H2 had ALL KINDS of issues with the dash cluster of gauges. Some of them worked, and some of them didn't work. At times, my speedometer and tachometer were wildly inaccurate. There was an extremely aggressive parasitic draw within the cluster that was causing my battery to fail within 48 hours.I contacted Todd at GM Gauge Repair and he assured me he could fix my cluster as well as customize it to my liking.I mailed my gauge cluster to GM Gauge Repair and they repaired it, customized it and MAILED IT OUT THE SAME DAY!!I'm SUPER happy with the way it looks, but more importantly, how well it works now! GM Gauge Repair is a TOP NOTCH repair and customization shop. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their repair and customization services for ANYONE who is having issues with their GM gauges.My Hummer H2 has a beautiful and ACCURATE dash cluster now, thanks to GM Gauge Repair.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the opportunity to help with your faulty instrument cluster. We appreciate your business and also taking the time for the great review. It was a pleasure working with you, thanks again.
I got my gauges and LED DIY kits back from Todd yesterday. I started wiring up the LED kits and noticed that he included a VERY helpful guide that not only goes step by step, but also shows you which way the LEDs are supposed to go in! Super helpful, and a time saver.The gauges look super crisp and clean, excellent work (US speedo Stealth Stainless w/ blue pointers) He even helped me out when I failed to order correctly, and made a note to change my order to what I wanted. He also called me as he was working on the gauges and let me know it was tampered with before, and that he would take care of it if I wanted. All-around solid guy, and already recommended to a buddy of mine. Thanks a lot, Todd!
Response from the owner: Thanks much for the great review Eric. I was happy to help get you going in the right direction with your instrument cluster and also getting your burnt out dash bulbs to better than new. Thanks a bunch for your business, I appreciate it.
I had my ip cluster rebuilt & had the ip cluster change from dark face to white face , I was impress with the quality of work & the speedy turnaround. Awesome job
Response from the owner: Thanks Dewayne. We are glad you like your newly updated gauge cluster and thanks for your business.
This is an outstanding organization that does quality work at a reasonable price. Highly recommend them.
Response from the owner: Thank you Thomas and thanks for your business.
The gauge in my 2003 Cadillac Escalade failed completely leaving my information center black after I noticed the gauge accuracy starting to become progressively worse! I called Todd and was assured that the repair would be quickly performed and my cluster returned to me. That is exactly what happened! I sent the gauge in on 10-19-23 and received it back on 10-21-23! I reinstalled tge cluster and it now works perfectly! I recommend Todd and GM Gauge repair wholeheartedly!
Response from the owner: Thanks for choosing us for your gauge cluster rebuild. We were happy to help and very much appreciate your business. Thanks again.
Great service. I sent in the cluster on Monday and it was rebuilt and back on Wednesday afternoon. I put it back it and all gauges work great. Thanks for the great service.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Paul. We're glad your gauge are back to normal.
Thank you for the service, everything you advertize is what you deliver... A first class job done by you.My instrument cluster was down to only the gas gauge being functional. Now It's like having a new Trailblazer (LOL)Best in the future
Response from the owner: A huge thanks for the review David. We were happy to help with you instrument cluster and we very much appreciate your business.
Lightning fast turn around. Cluster looks and works like new. Very nice job, sir!
Response from the owner: Happy to help Ryan and thanks for your business and also the review.
Highly satisfied with this service. Gauges look great, work like they should. Wouldn’t send my gauges anywhere else.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the revies and trusting us with your GM instrument cluster repair needs.
Thank you for the great service. Turn around time was outstanding! You guys are the best!!
Response from the owner: We were happy to help with your instrument cluster repair Keith and we appreciate your business. Thanks.
Shipped my dash out on Saturday, it arrived on Tuesday and I had it back Wednesday evening. Amazing turn around time and very professional work! Definitely recommend these guys for any GM dash repair.
Response from the owner: We appreciate your business Zach and thank you for the review.
I shipped my instrument panel on Tuesday.. GM gauge repair got it on Wednesday. Had it fixed and sent back out on Wednesday afternoon. I got it on Friday. Plugged it in and all works great! Well worth the money to have it repaired by GM Gauge Repair!! Thanks!
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review Dusten. We appreciate your business.
It's been almost 4 years since having GM Guage Repair install LED bulbs and installing a trans temp guage on my 2005 GMC Sierra, everything they did on my cluster is working great. Would like to thank Todd for a great job, I would highly recommend him!
Response from the owner: Thanks Big J. We appreciate your business and also your review.
My gauges are like new. It was done quickly and at a fair price. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review Dennis. We appreciate it very much.
Had a few issues with my cluster, including cracked window on the case. They got me sorted very quickly and shipped the unit back same day. A+
Response from the owner: We were happy to help David and very much appreciate your business. Thanks again.
I'd give them 10 starts! Amazing Experience! I will be using them again. Thanks GM Gauge Repair!!!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your business Carson.
GM Gauge Repair did such a fine job. The turnaround was very quick and the work excellent. My speedo was nonfunctional for quite a while, then the oil pressure gauge quit. The gas gauge was next. It is so amazing to have them working so well. I highly recommend GMGR, they know what they're doing. Thanks so much.
Response from the owner: Thank you for the review and also the recommendation. We appreciate it.
Very Happy!! I waited too long to get mine repaired. I should have done this a long time ago. Changed out the face and added a trans temp gauge. Love the new look.
Response from the owner: Thanks for the review Chad. Enjoy your refreshed instrument cluster.
These guys are the best, fast turnaround and the new leds look amazing. Great job!
Response from the owner: Thanks for your review JC. Thanks for trusting in us to resolve all of the issues with your gauge cluster. Your business is very much appreciated.


Repaired cluster installed. Works Great! Your delivery and service were great!

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Sheldon Lefkowitz

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my instrument cluster for my Tahoe. The turn around time was great. I pulled the cluster on Monday morning and shipped it to you at 10:30 AM. I got it back at 3:00 PM on Wednesday. Fifteen minutes later it was in the vehicle and back on the road. It works perfectly. As a retired Chevy mechanic, I could have done it much faster oc cost efficiently by myself. You will be the first that I recommend should I find anyone with the same problem. Thanks again.

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Denny McCarthy


The box arrived as you told me it would. I had it re-installed in 20 minutes and its working perfectly. Thanks for all your help. I will certainly pass your card along to friends with the same problems.

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James Plummer Sr.


Thank you so much for saving me money. Everything works great. Your shop does nice work. Thanks Again.

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Maggie Hansen

Mr. Haines just received my gauge cluster in the mail, installed it, works perfect and looks brand new. Thanks for the great repair and fast service.

Make/Model: 2005 tahoe

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Steve P
R.P.B. FL.

Just wanted to say thanks for the fast service, sent out Tuesday & received back Thursday! And it works great!

Make/Model: 05 Yukon xl

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Ken Meier

Can't thank you enough for the complete rebuild you did last week on my 05 Montana cluster. Before, most of the lights didn't work and the ones that did were very dim. I was a bit nervous about shipping it out, but you did what you said you would. Perfect fix and had it back in 5 days! Awesome!

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You did a great job on my Trailblazer gauge repair. I got it back repaired only 2 days after I shipped it. Now thatís service that canít be beat. I just installed it and it works perfectly again. I couldnít be happier with your service and Iíve told everyone I know about you guys!

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Rich Butler


Your service was everything you advertise. The rebuild and return shipping was done the same day you received the instrument cluster. I installed it in 20 minutes and it works perfectly. I think i saved about $500 by not going to the dealer. Thanks.

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St. Augustine, FL

Amazing all my gauges work . It has been a long time for me to get around to doing something about it. Thanks and you did everything you said in a fast and convenient way.

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Lloyd Ek

I just recently got my gauge cluster fully repaired by you guys. I just wanted to say thank you for an awesome job you guys did. I'm so very pleased with your work and the courtesy you all showed. I will definitely be recommending you guys. You all rock.

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Got the instrument cluster back and installed it right away. I drove the car and it works perfectly! The $110.00 it costs sure beats the $700 or $800 that GM wanted to repair the cluster. Thanks for the fast turn around.

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David Foltz
Northfield, Ohio


Got it today. My son was so excited. The custom gauges look great and everything seems to be working great. Thanks so much!

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Sherry Dial

I received my instrument panel about an hour ago. I finished my ongoing chores and took the ten minutes time to re-install it, and it works perfectly!

Thanks again for your prompt and reasonably priced service!

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Rick Atterberg

A big thank you for quick service and great savings. I was quoted $450.00 from two sources.

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Presque Isle, MI


Thanks for a job well done. Your turnaround on the rebuild was extremely fast, and your personal attention with all communication was greatly appreciated. The gauges are working perfectly, and the blue LED gauges look really nice. I will definitely recommend you to anybody who needs this service in the future. Thanks!

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I got my gauges installed this week and they look great. I love the custom aqua gauges, it really adds to my truck. I was very happy with your work and if I hear of anybody who has a problem with their gauges I will be sure to recommend you. Thanks again!

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Scott Seim


I just wanted to commend you on a job well done. Process handled, timely, professionally and courteously. The unit looks and works great. I would not hesitate recommending you for Buick odometer or gear display repair.

Make/Model: Buick/Centur

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Bill L
New York


The cluster you fixed works like it did when it was new. Thanks also for the quick turn around. Don't get much of that anymore!

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Chevy Silverado


Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks as everything works perfectly. Will definitely tell others about you. Thanks again.

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Jim Rollins

Received the cluster back today, Todd, and it works perfectly!!! Saved a ton over our local dealers estimate. Thanks, buddy, a truly great service!!!

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F. Marshall
Duluth, MN

Just wanted to drop a line and let you know your fix was perfect. After a couple hundred miles the dash is still perfect. I sure appreciate your help and the lightning fast turnaround. Thanks a million!

'04 yukon xl 2500

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