How it Works
1. You send us your broken cluster.
2. We repair your cluster.
3. We send your repaired cluster back to you.
1. You send us your broken cluster.
2. We repair your cluster.
3. We send your repaired cluster back to you.

GM Approved Stepper Motors

We only use Juken/Switec x27.168 stepper motors in our instrument cluster rebuilds. If we have a stepper motor fail it is maybe 1 in 10,000. x27.168 motors are the same motors that authorized GM Service Centers use.

BEWARE! Other shops sell and use other motors by other manufacturers that claim to have an improved design. We remove these motors from instrument panels daily. Other facilities buy them in bulk to keep their costs down with the possibility future business with another repair. These motors have a short life span and you will have gauge failure in the future.

We believe you should only have your cluster repaired once and ALL issues resolved the first time along with our gauge guarantee. We very rarely have a Juken/Switec stepper motorfail. Only x25.168 and X27.168 stepper motors are the updated and improved motors.

x15 168 and x c5 168 stepper motors were the original stepper motors installed in the instrument panels from the beginning and will all eventually fail over time. The same stepper motor drives all gauges in the instrument so it is best to replace them all. The majority of General Motors vehicle models from 2003 to 2006, and a few others, have the same motors in their instrument panels.